Altemus Leadership Training Description

Group session

The Altemus Leadership Training Program (ALTP) provides a rich environment for learning about leadership. It combines real-world pragmatism, academic excellence and innovative training techniques.

The training ascribes to an inward-outward philosophy and covers the following core leadership skills:

  1. self-understanding (including cultural awareness)
  2. visioning, goal-setting, planning and positive thinking
  3. ethics
  4. communication skills
  5. building teams and leading teams
  6. creativity and team problem solving
  7. project management

The ‘Altemus’ experience is a series of carefully sequenced activities designed to build and reinforce the participants’ leadership skills, as well as increase their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience. The program is highly participatory and interactive. Its methodology includes presentations, class discussions, group work, case studies, simulations, role-playing, reflection periods, outdoor experiential learning and meetings with role model leaders. A key component of the learning process is timely and frequent feedback with on going coaching.
Moreover, our facilitators debrief to draw out and consolidate lessons learned, as well as to link them to participants’ lives back home

Why choose this programme

  • An international faculty of seasoned, professional trainers, facilitators, coaches and practitioners from diverse disciplines including, but not limited to, academia, business, sports, psychology, medicine, social work, law, and media as well as different sectors – public, private and nonprofit
  • Small class sizes, which guarantees a more effective exchange of learning, frequent and timely feedback, one-on-one and group coaching
  • A curriculum designed, implemented and evaluated with the input of young people
  • A caring, non judgmental and safe environment, ideal for reflection, risk-taking and planning
  • Exceptional opportunity to hear new ideas, share experiences and good practices, build friendships with like-minded peers from different educational, socio-economic, cultural or geographical backgrounds
  • Post-programme mentoring
  • Chance to immediately apply your leadership skills and competencies to a volunteer community service project
  • Coaching in how to write an effective Curriculum Vitae and prepare for job interview
  • Access to the alumni network and job vacancies board

Countries where the training have taken place:

  • 1999 –USA
  • 2000 –USA
  • 2002 –Italy
  • 2003 –France
  • 2004 –France
  • 2005 – Czech Republic
  • 2006 –Slovenia
  • 2007 – France
  • 2008 –Poland
  • 2009 –Ukraine
  • 2011 – Italy
  • 2012 –France

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