Frequently Asked Questions

Flights and Travel

How do I get to the training site?

The most convenient airport is Lisbon.  The training site is one hour away near Sintra.  Students travel as a group to the training site.  Instructions where and when to meet will be provided in advance.

Do I need a visa?

If you are from a country that is a member of the European Union or the European Economic Area, you do not require a visa for Portugal.  However, if you are from a country outside the EU or EEA, you must check with the Portuguese Consulate in your country if you require a visa or not.  If you require a Visa, apply for a tourist Visa.

Altemus will provide an official letter confirming that you have been selected for a short educational programme.  Sometimes for educational activities the visa fee is waived, you should ask when you apply.

When do I need to arrive?

It is suggested that you arrive 1 or 2 days before the programme begins, so that you are well rested and have time to visit Lisbon.

When is the earliest I can depart?

As it takes one full day to travel from Santiago de Compostella to Lisbon or Madrid, it is strongly advised not to book a flight, train or bus until the next day.  Participants have the option of flying from Lisbon or Madrid back to their countries.

If you fly out of Lisbon, Altemus will store any luggage you have aside from your backpack in storage.

If you fly out of Spain, you must carry all your belongings in your backpack, which you will carry on the Camino.

What if I want to arrive a few days earlier or stay a few days later?

This is possible but you must inform us of where you will be staying and you are responsible for all of your expenses before and after the programme.


Do I need to get travel, cancellation and medical insurance?

Yes – obligatory.

Do I need to have a medical check-up before the program?

Yes – obligatory.

Does my doctor need to complete a medical form?

Yes – obligatory.  You will be provided with a medical form, which must be completed and signed by a doctor, ideally the participant’s family doctor.

Do I need to be updated with vaccinations?

Yes  – obligatory.

What clothing and equipment should I bring for the hike?

You will be provided with a suggested clothing list.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

You can if you like but it is not necessary.

What is your policy regarding the use of mobile phones during the program?

Participants should bring their mobile phones as it provides a means of communication with Altemus staff, family and friends.  However, please note that mobile phones are not permitted in the classroom or dining hall.  No exceptions.

Will I need to read or do any assignments in preparation for the program?

You will be provided with a reading list and links to psychometric tests (personality and teamwork related).

About the Program

Where have past participants come from?

To date young people from 25 countries have participated in our leadership program.

Can we connect with Altemus alumni and ask them about their experience in the program?

Certainly we will provide you with email addresses to alumni in your country.

Do we have free time during the program?

There is some free time, usually at the end of the day after classes, but often there are program activities in the evenings.

What is a typical day like? 

Classes start at 8:30 in the morning and finish at 4:30 with breaks for lunch and coffee.  During the camino trek we get up at 5 or 6 am in the morning and go to bed by 10 pm.

Who are your trainers?

Trainers on Altemus’ roster are professionals who are from private, public, and the nonprofit sectors.  They include MBA professors, corporate and UN in-house trainers, stress management consultants, nurses, sports psychologists, art therapists, social entrepreneurs, outdoor educators, teambuilding experts, trainers certified in Lean Six Sigma and guest speakers.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the program?



Will any dietary requirements be accommodated?

Yes, they must be specified in detail on the medical form, along with all food allergies and others allergies.


Are any bursaries available for this program? 

No.  We strongly advise applicants to start looking for a sponsor or grant upon submitting their application.  If selected an applicant has a very short period of time to make a deposit and transfer balance of funds in order to secure a place in the training.

In 2016 Altemus alumni raised sufficient funds to sponsor one student from India.  We cannot guarantee at the present time that our alumni will succeed in raising sufficient funds to sponsor a student in 2017.


Altemus runs ‘Leading From Within’ at cost, with no profit. All of our trainers are professionals from the private, public and nonprofit sectors. They are ardent supporters of Altemus’ mission and values and therefore provide their services on a pro bono basis.

The 7 day-residential portion of the Leading From Within Program costs 450€

This amount covers:

  • All meals
  • Accommodations in double occupancy rooms with private facilities. Bed linens and towels. WIFI access.
  • All educational materials
  • Psychometric reports
  • A day pack + Altemus T-shirt
  • An excursion to Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • One night’s lodging in Lisbon or Porto en route to the Camino starting point
  • A celebration dinner
  • One night’s lodging in Santiago Compostela
  • A certificate of participation in the Altemus program, a Pilgrim’s passport, a Pilgrim’s shell and ‘compostela’ (certificate of completion of 100 km on the Camino)
  • Possibility of post program coaching

Participants are responsible for covering their:

  • Travel costs (including passport and visa) to Portugal and return from Portugal or Spain. The ALP ends in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  • Medical and travel insurance (obligatory)
  • Medical examination and vaccinations (obligatory)
  • Expenses relating to the trek on the Camino de Santiago. This includes travel from Lisbon to the Camino departure point and return travel from Santiago de Compostela to Lisbon or Madrid (approximately 90€), hostels (6-12€/ per night) and food (10-15€/ per day).  Approximate total of 175-200€.

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