2016 Altemus Leadership Programme


2016 Altemus Leadership Programme – Wildcard Invitational

(Mid-August: Portugal to Spain)

Wildcards will be awarded for the 2016 Altemus Leadership Programme in Portugal (August 27 – September 10) to 7 individuals and young professionals from EU member states who are actively creating a product, project or service that raises awareness about or addresses a pressing social issue in their home community.

We seek initiatives that are small and beautiful!

The winners of the Wildcard Invitational will have a unique opportunity to reflect on their personal vision, develop core leadership skills including team work, obtain valuable feedback and network with peers and experts from around the world.


To apply submit a video or video link to wildcard@altemus.org of no more than 2 minutes in which you introduce your initiative. A team of Altemus alumni and trainers will vote on the top entries.

Deadline for Wildcards is June 30th, 2016.

Winners must cover their own food & lodging. There are no fees for the actual training program. For more information click here.

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